• Design Award for Corporate Identity of Pabst & Pesch's collections

    One of ANUARIA's 14th annual Graphic Design Prizes (2009) in the category for "Book, Annual Reports or a Publisher's Corporate Identity" went to Atipus, S.L. (www.atipus.com) for their design of Pabst & Pesch's three series for adults (i.e., Balearica, Pfade and Corriols).

    The Jury valued a design that emphasises the publisher's corporate identity, with clear, simple and easily recognisable features for all series, each of which is singled out by a given colour (www.anuaria.com/index.php?md=premis&accio=infopremis&id_categoria=10&edicio=2009).

    Congratulations to our colleagues at Atipus!

    Claudia Pesch

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