• One of ANUARIA's 14th annual Graphic Design Prizes (2009) in the category for "Book, Annual Reports or a Publisher's Corporate Identity" went to Atipus, S.L. (www.atipus.com) for their design of Pabst & Pesch's three series for adults (i.e., Balearica, Pfade and Corriols).

    The Jury valued a design that emphasises the publisher's corporate identity, with clear, simple and easily recognisable features for all series, each of which is singled out by a given colour (www.anuaria.com/index.php?md=premis&accio=infopremis&id_categoria=10&edicio=2009).

    Congratulations to our colleagues at Atipus!

    Claudia Pesch

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    So "June" was overly optimistic? Never mind, those of you who plan to leave late this year will still be able to do so with a book by P&P (only in German!) under their arm.

    We shall keep you posted...


    To please those of you who are about to leave, let me copy Robert Saladrigas's list of six US "heavyweights," six "modern classics" published in daily paper La Vanguardia's latest cultural supplement  (cultura/s #367):

    1) Tree of Smoke by Denis Johnson (Farrar Strauss & Giroux, 2007; or Picador paperback, reprint 2008);

    2) Revolutionary Road by Richard Yates (Greenwood Press, 1961; or Mass Market paperback, 2008);

    3) The Sorrows of an American: A Novel by Siri Hustvedt (Holt, 2008; or Picador paperback, reprint 2009);

    4) Indignation by Philip Roth (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, hardcover or paperback, 2008);

    5) A Mercy by Toni Morrison (Knopf, 2008; or Vintage paperback, 2009); and

    6) Our story begins by Tobias Wolff (Knopf, 2008; or Vintage paperback, reprint 2009).



    Claudia Pesch



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  • Last Thursday 21 May I attended the presentation of two new books published by Editorial Fonoll in their Biblioteca Global collection. I liked Pepa Rosiñol's translation of Kurt Vonnegut's Deadeye Dick, originally published in English in 1982 and now edited in Catalan as El bala perduda (The Dud): www.editorialfonoll.cat/detall.aspx?id=79.

    I also liked Abel Cutillas' second book, La mort de Miquel Bauçà (Miquel Bauçà's Death). The author does go a bit far at times, indeed, but he talks about one of the greatest contemporary writers in Catalan, and one who is seldom read for that: www.editorialfonoll.cat/detall.aspx?id=78.


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  • Dear all,

    we have had you waiting for ages and did not have a single title ready for Saint George's Day... but chances are we will get the first books out in June... this year!

    So we are asking you for just a little bit more patience!


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